Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Dang he got messed up, but he seems to be in good spirit about it. You would not catch me spending money to buy an already mangled wetsuit, but hey you do what you want.

Indeed this is Jarrad the intern. I'm not really sure after that except for that Blue cross tatoo popping out of his V-neck tee. Go get em Mr (microphone holding, medical mask wearing, blue tatoo showing, long blonde hair blowing intern man)

Incredible, but also for no real reason. Just something to admire or ask the question WHY?

This was our Generate High outdoor service May 19, 2009. Crazy thing is, you can't tell which one of us had the luekemia. We are wearing the mask to protect her from us. One of the most beautiful things is when family rallies around eachother (topic of the night). Love all you guys!
PS: God obviously new of the situation ahead of time which is why he gave her the perfect shaped head for no hair.
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