Monday, August 17, 2009

practical inteligence (good enough to repost for you)

-Seth Godin

Here's a surefire way to get and keep the attention of your audience: put on a soap opera.

If there's always a feud, a criminal investigation, secret photos, innuendo, allegations of drug use, partnerships foundering, acquisitions started, delayed or canceled, secret new projects, and possible runs for office, you can bet people will tune in.

I apologize for the lack of drama on this blog (not really).

Michael Jackson, Fidel Castro and Sarah Palin created drama. Paying attention, though, is the not the same as buying or respecting. It's possible to achieve both, but not easy.

-Post from Seth Godin, good enough to repost for you.

Day 1

Very simply put execution is often the result of pressure. Sometimes we need death defying circumstances to get the job done.

We deal with that hair trigger everyday. Exodus 17 explains how This art works very well. Moses let the hand down he loses. Keep hands up he wins the battle.

work, school, families, church, everything is on a hair trigger to some extent. Emotions butt in which in most situation makes for great action, but action often fails to reach execution. This is the begining degree to which the aforementioned falls apart.

You see execution kept Israel alive through the battle of Amelek. Execution hurts, as Moses' arm was unable to sustain hight by itself, but through the help of those called to executte with him (Aaron & Hur) it was done.

I have found the hardest yet most appropriate thing in organization is simply to aquire the right help otherwise your kingdom falls apart.