Friday, January 29, 2010

Love the unlovable!

A great majority of my life has been used to judge others.  To look at the bad guy (in my eyes) and say how dare he. 

I have also spent a great of my life observing others doing the same thing and think if he would just simply talk with him and not throw spears they might find resolve and not just tangle back and forth over nothing.  It's a battle in my own heart between knowing whats good and actually doing it.

Funny thing is that when i have come into to contact with those poeple personally i sit and talk with them, sometimes for hours, why?  Because when i begin to look at someone the way i know Jesus looks at them my perspective on life, people, and judgement change.  Jesus always attracted the worst people (samaritan woman with multiple partners, adulterous woman about to be stoned, Zaccheus the tax collector, and more.)

I guess it's a maturity thing as a man trying to follow Christ and look intnently as He does atthe situation.
There's alot of people that need an example of Christ love.