Wednesday, July 1, 2009


Interesting bit from Perry Noble i read recently. paraphrased

Think about the fears in your life. My fear is that my knee will be bent backwards and that all that is in there will snap off. Weird i know, but thank of what keeps you from doing in life. There are points that i remain frozen when it comes to a challenge because the thought of that knee thing happening to me.

Thank about yourself and what your afraid of. Wether it's leadership, preaching, evangelising, or a number of other things your fear paralyzes your ability to be affective for His kingdom. Your afraid to mess up so you don't even attempt to strech yourself. What you do simply remians all you do.

We forget often that for those who have accepted Him He now lives in you. if i remember correctly you can do all things Phil 4:13. I'm not saying be stupid, but innovation, creativity, generational change, leadership, and yes preaching die if no risk is involved. And risk does mean faceing your fear, and stepping out on water even when all your life someone has told you can't walk on that stuff. Life as the christian only involves risk taking for the glory and building of His kingdom. Face your fears and move forward.