Saturday, May 16, 2009

Working it out!

GENERATE HIGH: It's only begun

This is why we must!
Today Generate High went all across the Inland Empire sharing Christ. Todays Generation is bold. Even the first time people were engaging and risking Themselves to be trampled on. It was Beautiful to see them look like the one in whom they share about.
many of them were cussed out, ignored, verbally fought with, cards torn up in their face, and even others puting their hands in our faces. One guy almost fought me (i would have lost, there were 4 of them), but you better believe the point came across. Incredible job and thanks for all the hard work on your part.
What's the point, out of all that 4 people gave thier lives to jesus and will no longer be seperated and live eternity where they don't belong!

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