Friday, June 19, 2009

CREATIVITY: Has it gone to far in the Church.

recently i have been approached by a number of people both on the phone and in person even in my little evangelism class i held last night. They are telling me that what we do here at Generate, Generate high, and Generate Jr high are wordly. Your pulling people in by attractive methods. In other words they think we think that God is not attractive enough to just use Him as the attraction. I'm intriqued!

Surely Jesus or YHWH didn't use creative methods with the Jews, or Jesus with the gentiles. But that would be a lie. I remember a certian story when Jesus says to His disciples in Mark 8:34. He told them (you read it) and then of course our great teacher,Rabbi and Lord gives a great example of how to do so. He would go on to pick up His cross, deny Himself, and follow His fathers call. That's just one example of validating creativity in the New Testament.

In the Old testament i remeber something about a donkey. Balaam doesn't quite get it so God uses a lovely donkey to deliver the message. Seems pretty creative to me. Matter of fact i migth use that one some day. I just hope God still talks through donkeys.

The point is creativity expands the wonders of the gospel. if for whatever reason it didn't point back to Jesus in the message i would say what's the point, but if it does it might just change someones life (Jesus on the cross).

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