Thursday, June 11, 2009

These pictures are very graphic!!!

Because I am becoming a father this year things like this catch my attention more than they use to. I want to be sensitive and know that i am not attacking, i'm simply expressing my heart with the dyer need to step up our work load. What i mean by that is simply love more. When people feel a hope through Christs love, or a love and not a judgement from Christians abortion doesn't happen. In Jeremiah 29:11 God says "for I know the plans I have for you says the Lord, plans of good and not evil to give you a future and a hope". If we expressed that more maybe those considering abortion would understand that there is a futre for them no matter what's happened and it can be beautiful and not deadly. I can't even begin to express the devistation this causes in the heart of the person going through with it. It doesn't just stop abortion and your done. The heart and mind are broken and burdened for years after. I just want you to see there's hope it's Jesus Christ through people like you and I.
These are body parts stored in a refrigerator are mutilation.
This is my baby right now inside my wife.

These are babies that didn't make it and what abortion looks like.

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  1. these pictures make me so angry and sad! it makes me want to cry because who knows what plans god had for that child. HOW CAN ANYONE SAY THAT THAT IS NOT A HUMAN BEING?!? it is so obvious that abortion is murder! in the first degree!!!
    we as the body of christ need to stand up and help show women that there are other choices no matter how she got pregnant. ive heard stories of babies being a blessing to a mom even if the baby was conceived through...gulp...rape, etc. romans 8:28.
    christ's love needs to shine. we should be helping moms who cant raise a baby because they are not financially stable or not ready to be a mom. one of these ways is as a church rising up to help find a home for him or her. rising up to provide the funds for parents who cannot conceive but dont have the money to adopt to now be able to have their own bundle of joy. acts 2 is implicit that we give to all who has need. there are a lot of parents out there who want kids and they just need help with the outrageous fees to adopt a kid...thats where the church comes in.
    these are practical steps to helping curtail this horendous epidemic that is haunting our nation and the world. NOT standing out side an abortion clinic holding up signs condemning moms to hell! NOT blowing up abortion clinics!