Thursday, July 23, 2009

My boy!

I wanted to keep all the people updated on what's going on. My baby boy has been diagnosed with some devistating medical conditions. To name them would be hard cosidering i can't spell them. He has a very fatal condition that casues his bones to break while in the the womb. So as of right now a majority of his bones are already broken as well as some physiological disruptions. He will most likely make it to birth alive and shortly after delivery, die due to abnormalities.

Your prayers are coveted, and know that there's no way on earth that this situation has not been a belssing in more ways than one. God has chosen us for such God honoring times, so we will due nothing but honor Him with them.

Aly and I are showered with the spirit during this time, which is why i can write with confidence that Gods plan has been revealed to us throught scripture, the church, and our incredible family. Thank you again for prayer.

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