Thursday, July 2, 2009

winning with inexperience!

The famous David and Goliath Battle is still today heard around the world. People know bits and peices, or some are fully devoted to uncover the incredible story to it's fullest.

1 Samuel 17:33 the great story, or was God trying to show us incredible oppurtnuity. What is the point. She we see that with the power of God all things are possible as David displayed. But what about other detail.

Saul told david that he was to young and inexperienced. That's a ture thought. If David had tried to defeat Goliath by way of sword (conventioanl) there have been no chance. What about the unconventional way of war. A slingshot gave David from the distnace advantage to do the impossible. You see David wasn't a warrior, He was a shepard. Therefore methods have to be changed according to the strategy of the individual.

Inexperience can be a plus and a minus. To not know makes us take risks. To know just enough makes us say why not.

Point. SOmetimes Davids need to work harder than Goliaths. Be innovative, creative, and risky and then your overwhelming battle comes victorious.

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