Friday, August 14, 2009

The success of timing!

Recently i've seen the hand of inteligence at work. Things such as time, location, certian people, or moods have made this apparent.

Years ago my wife worked with a woman named Taylor. She was agnostic and sure of it. My wife is a Christian and would take every oppurtunity possible to let her know she's open to talk. They engaged in conversations that went well, but nothing happened as far as change, or so we thought.

Yesterday was Corban's funeral (years from then) and she came. Worship was sang, poems were read, an invitation was given, and people cried. Taylor cried as well, but not because of Corban as much as her desire to just know who this God was we talked so deeply about.

You see God is about timing, timing, timing. Yesterdays was Taylors time to see God so real. after a lifelong debate she and many tears came to the conclusion that surrender is the only way. She didn't have all the answers, instead all the emotions.

I write this so you Know that timing is the great battlefield for people. We can't see the immediate result and it kills us, yes me too. But after months of battleing in your heart perhaps it's best to know that timing is everyhting and nothing.

We will see her at Crossroads this sunday!
-Short version nevertheless a great one

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