Monday, September 28, 2009

Church growth Jesus' way!

If you talked to 1 person everyday assuming this starts at age 10 and you give 60 years making you 70 at this point that's 21,900 people you talked to. This is low ballin it by the way, You'll probably live longer.

Assume again that all these conversations result in you just simply talking about jesus, or inviting them out to your church. Now you may have established long term relationships. Again we low ball and say that 10,950 (half of 21,900) come to know the Lord and find a church, that would actually be a large number. Again this is 1 person doing this. What would the church look like?

My wife and I were able to lead 2 girls to the Lord Saturday. Sometimes you get 2 in one day and 0 on the other it may eqaul out to 7 per week.

If you love your church and love people inevitably a great deal of those people talked to will end up serving with you on the front lines. It's how we can build the church.


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