Monday, September 21, 2009

God picked them.

You don't mess with Gods annointed!

Every now and then i think we all have this tendency. To look at someone doing great in life and assume that same success was meant for you. One thing! You are not them in the physical, mental, spiritual, or emotional so how does that work?

Think one minute about Jonathan (Sauls son). He was next to be heir to the throne following his father. David a little sheep hearding, timid, youngest brother, takes the reign after much pruning. 1 Samuel 18:4 look what happens. david's going to war and jonathan realizes Gods annointed. What he does next is honors God. Jonathans robe, sword, bow, and belt are given to David. Go and conquer.Next thing you know is Saul his 1,000s and David his 10,000s.

Look how much easier it is when you see God's time unfold and you let it.

Read the rest of the story to get context, but understand God has plans and it's better.

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