Thursday, September 24, 2009


A man’s word used to be important to him. In Numbers 30:2 if a man made a vow it was under no condition that he had the right to back out of it. Yes is your yes, and no is your no.

In Numbers 32:11 we see the devestation of men not keeping their word to God. It says in V10 “The Lords anger burned” for those explained in V11. All the men, (Israelites), 20 years old and up, that came out of Egypt had a problem with keeping their word, with the exception of Caleb and Joshua. There was 603,550 men of that age that did not keep their word Numbers 1:45-46.

Numbers 32:11"They did not follow me fully." "They shall not see the land," (huge consequences).

At this time 2-3 million Israelites just got off a hard pressed 400 years in Egypt.

There were 2 men set apart though. Numbers 32:12- Caleb and Joshua. Why? They simply did what they said they would do for God.

If you say yes, let it be true. There’s big consequences not just for you, but everyone connected if you don't.

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  1. Incredible insight. It is so sad that as a whole, the human population in general does not keep their word. Whether they are too busy, absent minded, or blunt liars. If only as Christians we would begin to tilt the scale in support of these words. Lets do it and make a change in this world!