Wednesday, September 9, 2009

God's Creation

I just got back from a trip to Mount Whitney which is 14,496 feet.

We went up the mountaineer trail which is not recommended by rangers because it's not a marked trail. It's more so "hiker admired" for it's difficulty and free climbing bluffs.

Five of us went up this trail starting at 11pm Sunday night and didn't get back down until 9pm Monday night. We did end up getting lost and it sent us hours off the trail, causing us to be hiking for 23 hours straight with no sleep. We were freezing to the point of cuddling with each other, slightly sick from the altitude, we ran out of water, and climbed waterfalls and cliffs where rope was required, (yet we didn't have rope).

Point is that I have never seen God like I did. The way he created mountains, lakes, animals, and the best sunrise atop the highest peak in America. There can't possibly be a valid excuse for no God when you simply look at the creation of earth.

Just a thought while lost in the forest. .

Romans 1:19-21

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