Friday, October 16, 2009

the unpardonable sin!

Some have trouble with the Unpardonable Sin, “which is blasphemy of the Holy Spirit”. Many think that it still applies today. When you look at the context of scripture there’s hard evidence that it doe’s not.

In Matthew 12:22-24 Jesus was accused for casting out demons through Beelzebub instead of using the Holy Spirit, which is what He claimed. When you look at the blasphemy that’s when the Pharisees ignorantly suggest that the Holy Spirit is rather a demon in Jesus and not a pure and righteous part of God. Look at the specific words.

Mark 3:30 explains what the Pharisees did to specifically commit this. Notice the personal word there “He”. “So because they were saying He had an unclean spirit” It’s a personal attack in the there and now. Jesus is no longer on the earth, which means it cannot apply in the context it did in the 1st century AD.

Jesus + Holy Spirit + blasphemy (Pharisees) = Unpardonable sin. You take Jesus away and Blasphemy of the Holy Spirit is no more.

Jesus is at the right hand of the Father, not here with us.

Hope that’s insightful with the things of God.

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  1. So, are you saying that no one on this earth can commit the Unpardonable sin? So what did Jesus mean when He said "it shall not be forgiven him, either in this age or the age to come" Matt 12:32

    And Yes Jesus is in Heaven and fullfilled His ministry already, but the Holy Sirit still has His ministry on this earth correct? So if the Holy Spirit is still working in this world, doesn't this mean that a person can deny the work of the Holy Spirit? looking forward to your response!