Thursday, October 29, 2009

The world doesn't need fixing, they need to be found!

Remember the parable of the prodigal son? In this story Jesus explains the root of sin to be selfishness and the primary result of sin is broken relationships.

Similarly, new age psychological theories describe psychopathology as self preservation ultimately resulting in broken relationships. But know that emotional and spiritual healings come from opening yourself up with others.

Sin and psychopathology can be gruesome. The cure for both is not to fix people as seems the way for many psychologists today, rather to help lost souls find their way home. The prodigal son didn't need fixing, simply pointed in the right direction.

If I look at the parable of the prodigal son in psychologist eyes I see sin and psychopathology as the same thing. Its self preservation at all cost resulting in separation of things most important.

You see a lost soul doesn't need to be fixed, they need to be found!

This steams off all those people who have been told they need psychological treatment, when really I’ve seen Jesus heal them with His extended arm in invitation to be found.

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  1. I agree. They are lost souls looking for spiritual rest and refuge. True rest and refuge is found in Christ alone!