Sunday, January 3, 2010

It's gonna cost you!

I heard a line that said "I'll take the Jesus that gives me a car, house, and a bank account."  He was making mention of the dangers of the prosperity gospel.

He has a good point!  There will be times of prosperity in ones life, but the bible does not state that we will somehow be materially, or monatarally blessed in this life.  Spiritually yes!  If we were to be so blessed in this life then what Peter writes in his first apistle contradicts prosperity.  He claims that an inheritance will come.  we know an inheritance is for the future.  It doesn't necessarily show up now.

It's a dangerous thought to think well that's why Jesus came so where's mine.  He has called that you pick up a cross and follow Him.  Way out the details of what that cost then present a valid arguement of prosperity and the gospel.

When you cling on to the things of this world you automatically degrade that which comes in the next, JESUS.  

Peter's sent men out who knew this well which is why today there are many churches in Asia.  It wasn't prosperity that drew them to the field, but Jesus.

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