Thursday, January 14, 2010

successful, admired by others, and being prosperous...

We are never more vulnerable to sin than when we are successful, admired by others, and prosperous, as King David tragically discovered.

I have learned that satan no longer attacks just me directly.  He goes for my home.  He knows that work is booming then i go home and hope for a joyous and peaceful time with my wife, so he goes after her all day knowing that she may not be sharing in that same joy as I.  He's incredibly merceless.

Being admired by others is sometimes dangerous as well.  for some it builds a big head,  others a distraction, and others pride.  Maybe what's worse is the possibility it take glory from God.  Some can take it though and be fine.  David learned the hard way.

A big one for me as a High school pastor is when my ministry is really excelling, he seems to hit the parents of my high school young adults.  The most common thing i hear is your grounded from church, (WHAT)!  This leads to students being mad at parents and then comes strife in the family and there comes family falling away form the Lord because they think all that church stuff is to blame.

David did great things, by learning hard facts.

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