Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Recently i read this article that produced an in depth look at evolution. Eugenie Sott is the head of this movement right now. She expresses the evolutionary science is the only science.

This was one of those articles i thought about for 1 second and stopped. Immediately her bias on the topic of science made me realize she was ingnorant enought to be borderline stupid. A real sciencetist looks at all aspects measures them according to the scientific method and says yea or nea. She on the other hand states in the article that creationism and intelligent design are for fools.

She has stated that only evolution should be taught as the real science in the school system and upon that should be viewed as the dominant force in creation today. In case your wondering did she start this movement NO! She is the forerunner of Madalyn Murray O'hair a true founder in modern day evolution, following of course Darwin.

What i thought was funny is when scientist from Methodist University in Dallas wanted to have a simple debate with evolutionst they kindly replied with a no. Why? The article states simply that evolution still exist as a theory and not evident as to fact. Intersting On the other hand that creationist and those who honor intelligent design promote with authority and confidence those facts and want to have them explained. There's more Just go to icr.com Good stuff!

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