Sunday, June 28, 2009

More popular than Jesus!

“We’re more popular than Jesus." A statement made by the beatles. That is by no means true, but do you get the concept of society. The point here is not to state facts, rather make aware to followers the cost of following.

Luke 6 is very clear and hard to hear. I went riding with some men recently. I didn't know them, but knew they didn't know Jesus. I had two options. One I could have preached and they might have banned me from riding with them looking at me like i was stupid and even to the point of calling me out. Or two, they could have listen and said no thanks bro not for us. The point I was struggling with was These guys are fun to ride with, but there's a possibility they won't like me or want to ride with me agian. So at that point i cared more about my image then i did their salvation. Just a thought. I did end up enviting them out to Generate. It's ahrd not to be liked. But it's going to harder to stand before our King and say sorry for not standing up fo rHim.

(Christ followers) were never meant to be popular. In fact John 15:8 says there's a good possiblity that the world will hate you. But know that the love you portray as christians will be irrefutably desired by everyone. You see Jesus wasn't popular, but people can't deny that He was just, kind, & life changeing. His love isn't partial Romans 2. Just know that our job comes with a price, but the reward is the person you love in His name and their lives forever changed.

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