Friday, September 4, 2009


Today my wife and I spent the afternoon storming around Riverside county having lunch, shopping, and loving on each other. I've never felt as troubled as i did today.

Aly and I walked around and were clearly on the same page with this. My attention was so focused on all the people. The way they looked, whether happy, sad, depressed, lonely, mad, frusturated, or just irretable, we saw it in their eyes.

We saw desperation, and we even talked to a young women who told us to our face that she was desperate for God, but so taken back by life. Our hearts broke as we sat there analyzing why? Our burdens were intense almost to the point of guilt for feeling okay with life. We simply thought what do we do?
(Fact is i know exactly what i'm called to do).

We were scared, sad, and disturbed by the fact that Satan was killing people from the inside out. When i got home I watched that Penn "You Tube" clip that pointed out the fact that Christians claim that non-believers go to hell where he said, "Don't you think they would talk to everyone if that were the case?" (Familiarity has breed contempt).

All I can say is that we were completly taken back by our conversations, observations, and brokeness, and what to do for them because it's not easy to drop life for the cause.

Just reflecting on a day through Gods eyes. I love you wife for carring for people.

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