Wednesday, September 2, 2009

"with great power comes great responsibility"

I realize more and more the dangers of my job. More specifically the part of planning, vision, integrity, diligence, execution, and prayer. The danger comes when I let anyone of those slip just a little. There are souls at stake!

Benaiah was the “man” in 2 Samuel 23. He killed a Lion in pit on a snowy day. He killed two sons of Ariel of Moab. He killed an impressive Egyptian man that had a spear. Benaiah took his spear from him and killed him.

He was honored among 30 men. Why? He knew his job and He did it.

Could you imagine for one second if he wasn’t prepared? Devastating!

There’s no respect in half way jobs, but sometimes I do it anyway. I learned quickly that's not okay even in it's smallest form. Whether pastor, mom, dad, student, employee, Christian, whatever, You wake up every day with a choice to do or not to do.

I want to be the man who has earned the right to take the spear out of the hand of the enemy because i have found favor in the One I work for.

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