Thursday, November 12, 2009

Visitation Vs Habitation

Visiting someone’s house is alot different than habitating there. Visiting involves 1 maybe 2 meals + shower + bed + other stuff. Habitating there involves 3 meals a day + snacks+ Shower(S) + TV + Toilet + laundry, you get the point.

You know what's amazing in churches; Christians get visitations by God and angels all the time Hebrews 13:2. Remember how good those feel. You get empowered, shake a leg, cry, and go crazy in a good way. Then because it's only Visitation In hours, minutes, or even seconds it's gone.

What about the habitation? 1 Corinthians 3:16 says He dwells in you as you are a temple. The habitation of God is everlasting and available every single day you breathe. Could you imagine the difference? Is it better having God for a day, or having God every day?

The challenge is to conquer the issue that keeps habitation of God from happening. And you cannot conquer until you are ready to confront. Go get em Tiger!

For more encouragement read about Benaiah 2 Samuel 23:20

Habitation Vs Visitation!

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